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Ambrosia Maple 1"x15"x33"(WYSIWYG)

Ambrosia Maple 1"x15"x33"(WYSIWYG)

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Scientific Name: Acer rubrum

Common Name: Wormy maple

Heartwood is creamy white with dark streaks caused by the ambrosia beetle.
Machines and finishes well.

Region: USA                                                                                                                                


  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get(WYSIWYG). Pictures are not a representative photo, but the exact item you're ordering.
  • Live-edged ovals are sliced from premium logs, kiln-dried, and surfaced on two sides.
  • Each piece will be different and unique; no two are alike.
  • Due to the irregular shape, the size listed is approximate.
  • Wood dust has been known to cause allergic reactions among wood workers, therefore sufficient ventilation, dust extraction equipment, and the use of proper respirators and eye protection is essential.
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