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Fiji, Pacific Blue - By The Piece

Fiji, Pacific Blue - By The Piece

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  • A perfect combination of mother nature and science. 
  • These pen blanks are meticulously selected out of burled wood caps and cast in colored resin, which limits chip out and does not have the smell of acrylic when turning it. 
  • We recommend using thin coat or coats of thin CA glue before putting a final finish of your likings. 
  • This step will seal wood and Alumilite to an even sheen.
  • Once turned, it resembles the sandy beaches of the Fiji Islands with its turquoise waters. 
  • Turns and finishes well.                                                                                                    


    • Picture is a representation.
    • Dimensions may vary +/- ⅛"
    • Wood dust has been known to cause allergic reactions among wood workers, therefore sufficient ventilation, dust extraction equipment, and the use of proper respirators and eye protection is essential.
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