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Verawood - Turning Squares

Verawood - Turning Squares

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Scientific name: Bulnesia arborea

Common Names: Argentine Lignum Vitae, Guayacan

Heartwood color can range from a pale yellowish olive when freshly cut, to a bright green upon exposure to light.
It is extremely strong and dense and is especially resistant to abrasion.
Grain is straight or slightly interlocked, fine even texture with a high natural luster.
Machines and finishes well.

Region: South America

  • Turning squares are sold partly seasoned with no guarantee of moisture content.
  • Due to the nature of wood, no two pieces are alike, and movement, shrinkage or expansion can occur.
  • Dimensions may vary +/-  ⅛" 
  • Wood dust has been known to cause allergic reactions among wood workers, therefore sufficient ventilation, dust extraction equipment, and the use of proper respirators and eye protection is essential.
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